What can I expect during my dental hygiene appointment?

The dental hygiene exam involves not only the assessment of the head, neck and mouth to diagnose any risk factors of infection and disease but the appointment also involves conversation and a thorough medical history as the hygienist gets to know the client and their needs. X-rays may be taken and evaluated for evidence of bone loss, infection or cavities. The hygienist is trained to recommend referral to any other health professional including but not limited to a medical doctor, nurse, dietitian, denturist, orthodontist, or dentist when necessary. 

As the client is advised of their oral health condition and its implications on their overall health, the hygienist will work with the client to create a dental hygiene plan that includes not only clinical treatment but goal setting that will guide patient home care choices and efforts. 

Dental hygiene therapy may involve scaling, root planing, polishing, sealants, fluoride application, fabrication of custom made sport mouth guards, desensitization therapies and prescription of medication to treat oral disease.

Who could benefit from mobile dental hygiene services?

Patients with travel or mobility issues can now continue to access regular dental hygiene care despite not being able to leave their home, assisted living, or long term care facility. The mobile clinic can provide complete dental hygiene care including x-rays.